Native American
Games and Crafts
Arrowhead Necklace Excavation Kit

Includes Gypsum Block (Contains 2 Arrowheads and
6 Plastic Crow Beads), Necklace Cord, Sinew, Jump
Ring, Excavation Tools, and Instructions

Wiigwaas (Triangle Game)
Traditionally made from Birch Bark, and played by several
different groups.  
Game objective is to hold the triangle with both hands, and flip
the ball into the air and put the ball through the hole in the
Comes with history and petroglyph (to decorate game) page.

Bow Drill Fire Starter Kit

Steam bent oak bow, cedar fire board, hardwood
hand socket, durable nylon braid cord, shaft, instructions.

Pump Drill Kit

Kit comes with Pine fly wheel and pump bar, durable nylon cord, pre-attached
steel drill point, artificial sinew, sandpaper, and instructions.

Corn Husk Doll Kit

Includes Food Grade Corn Husks, Sinew, Instructions,
and “Legend of the No Face Doll.

Wheel and Dart Game

Traditionally made from twigs and corn cobs and
played by several different native groups.

Leather wrapped metal ring and wooden "corn cobs"
with history and playing instructions.

Double Ball Game

Leather wrapped handle catching / throwing
sticks, leather double ball, and history / playing
instructions sheet

Tasiha Unpi
"Deer Bone Game"

Tasiha Unpi - Deer Bone Game, was played by
many groups of the Plains Indians, and variations
of this game were played across the North
American continent. The object of the game is to
catch as many "bones" on the pin, or to catch the
leather fob at the end of the cord.
Included is an assembled game, instructions and
history, and canvas storage bag.
Sticks and Dice

Variations of this game were played by nearly every
culture on the North American continent.  This simple
game is played by 2 players, and can go back and
forth. With victory in site, a simple role of the dice can
turn the tides of fortune!  This game is great fun for
children and adults alike.
Comes with 10 sticks, dice, instructions, and a
canvas storage bag.

More to Come!