Games and Crafts
Corn Husk Doll Kit

Includes Food Grade Corn Husks, Sinew, Instructions,
and “Legend of the No Face Doll.

Pump Drill Kit

Kit comes with Pine fly wheel and pump bar, durable nylon cord,
pre-attached steel drill point, artificial sinew, sandpaper, and instructions.

Bow Drill Fire Starter Kit

Steam bent oak bow, cedar fire board, hardwood
hand socket, durable nylon braid cord, shaft, instructions.


The origin of this game goes back thousands of

Quoits was played during the American
Revolutionary War by both British and Continental
soldiers to pass the time. It has been said that the
game of horseshoes was derived from quoits
because some people could not afford to have
quoits made, so they used what was similarly
available: old horseshoes!

Comes with 2 wooden rings, peg and base,
instructions and history, and a canvas storage bag

More to Come!